18 October 2010


Finally passed up my report....
And now its time to get a job~
Pray hard to get a job that I really want^^

02 October 2010



27 September 2010

30th Sept 2010

It's the day~ The last day for me training in Hard Rock Hotel Penang...
I'm writing this in advance~
After this I need to rush my practicum report and get a new job~
No time to enjoy anymore..
I dont know is it a good thing or bad thing for me...
I just leave it to God to decide where should I go but yet I still need to grab opportunity and be competitive...
Am I good enough ???
Hmm~I dont like to judge myself.. Just let other people that really know me to judge me...
Just wish that everything can carry on smoothly and get a job that I like...
Good Luck for myself~!

My Daily Routine~

Wake up at 6.40am~
Go washroom and get ready for gym..
Roughly 30-40mins gym...
Back home and online at balcony + rest~
 8am: Bath and dress up myself...
 8:30am: breakfast~
8.35am off to work~
This my daily routine for past two weeks...
Ang now I'm gonna work it on...
Aim to get my iPhone 4~ haha^^

25 September 2010

Woww~ For myself ^^

1st : Got people say my singing nice wor~ Hehe
2nd : Chief Editor from media, said I'm a trainee but I'm better than a trainee~
3rd : Another people said my singing nice~
4th : my colleagues said I'm good in singing~
5th : Someone says me sing like a rockstar~
Haha~ Sorry coz me "muka tebal" ~
Let me syok for a while.. haha^^